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Annie & Lawrence - September '21

Annie and Lawrence really committed to the idea of a ‘DIY’ wedding early on. There were a lot of lists, maybe even the odd spreadsheet and, luckily, some very willing volunteers in the way of friends and family!

This bride and groom did a fabulous job of touching each element of their day with their story. It seemed that every part of the wedding had involvement from a member of the family or from a special friend, or it had some special significance or memories attached from their lives together.

A wonderful by-product of creating so much of the wedding yourselves is that setting up the wedding almost becomes an event in itself. Annie and Lawrence were joined by friends and family at the venue the day before their wedding was due to take place, and everyone played a part in the preparations.

So many hand crafted or lovingly homemade components featured in the decor including a wooden arch which would become the backdrop for the vows and beautiful white bunting which would be strung from the Cartshed ceiling.

On dining tables, there were gifts of Wimbish jam made from fruit fresh from the garden; sprigs of rosemary on place settings (a symbol of love and traditionally thought to bless weddings with fidelity, honesty, longevity and wisdom); and glass vases of different shapes and sizes filled with flowers, all adding to the relaxed and pretty feel of the main barn where dining was due to take place. Further floral arrangements from florist What The Fleur along with pew ends and drapes completed the set up in the Woodshed ready for the ceremony the next day.

The cake was also a family creation, with Lawrence’s very talented sister constructing a naked, tiered lemon and elderflower cake which was decorated with fresh flowers and displayed beautifully ready for the couple to cut.

A vintage room set of sofa suite, rug, lamp, screen and old trunk created a stylish snug on the mezzanine for guests who wanted to enjoy views of the dance floor from above and relax with a cocktail from the bar. And for those who fancied a little fresh, country air, there were straw bales to sit on and a fire pit to keep any evening chill at bay.

With preparations complete, it was time for the bridal party to retire with the excitement of the following day almost tangible.

Lawrence arrived first on his wedding day, as is traditional. What he didn’t know was that the soon-to-be Mrs Morris had organised to be transported to their ceremony in a beautiful blue Morris Minor - well, what else!? A lovely surprise and another special detail full of meaning.

Once married, the newlyweds were welcomed to their drink reception with showers of confetti. Baskets and baskets full of home grown and dried petals were flung into the air as the happy couple walked through a tunnel of guests, and the moment was caught on camera resulting in epic photographs!

The celebrations were filled with good food courtesy of Back To Your Place, Great music from band Big Blue Moon and lots of happy people having a wonderful time! This DIY day was certainly worth the effort.

Mens attire: HRH Holmes, Hitchin

Vintage room set hire: Dottie Hire

Florals: What The Fleur

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