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Chloe & Keiran - August '23

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One of the first decisions that couples make when they start planning a wedding is when to host the big day. Some couples are naturally drawn to a preferred season or may have a significant date in mind that they would love to marry on. For others, the focus is on a type of wedding which may naturally be better suited to a time of year. For example, festival vibes can work better in the sunshine and fireworks are easier to plan with an earlier, winter sunset. 

However, the one factor that remains out of our control is the great British weather!! Regardless of the time of year, the weather remains an unpredictable beast! Whether that is in the shape of a 40 degree heatwave, torrential downpours or gale force winds. But, fear not, with the right suppliers, there is always a plan B that feels like the plan A!

Chloe and Kieran chose an August wedding with a summery feel. We planned drinks and canapes on the lawn and alfresco dining with a food truck under the stars in the evening. The weather had other ideas! A change in weather does not have to rule the day though and it’s important to remember that the vast majority of those attending were never aware of Plan A, so to them, nothing has changed. 

At Curds Hall Barn, we are very lucky to have two separate areas that are conjoined. This means that there is no shortage of space and there is no need for the room to be ‘turned around’ for the next part of the wedding, so guests never have to venture outdoors unless they wish to. 

Chloe and Keiran decided to host their ceremony in the Woodshed which was decorated with festoon lighting and dried flowers in shades of cream and light pink which stood out beautifully against the darker backdrop. Chloe looked incredible in a dark nude dress with modern lace, embellished overlay which caught the light gorgeously. Of course, baby Stanley in his tiny little outfit stole the show, but I think we all knew that was going to happen!  

We are also blessed with some very experienced local suppliers that we enjoy working closely with on the day to get as close to the couple’s original plan as possible. We work as a team to shuffle timelines and make sure that guests are having a great time. For example, we may move canapes and group photographs inside and use one of the lovely brick walls for a backdrop but we may push the photographs of the couple back until later in the day, when there is a break in the showers and we can nip outside. Our Coordinators are always on hand to carry the dress and an umbrella and usually have spare wellies around somewhere! 

After the formalities had reached a close, guests grabbed an umbrella and visited the food truck for a toastie. Our fire pit and overhead festoon lighting helped add to the cosy atmosphere of the evening as guests partied the night away to celebrate the new Mr and Mrs Cunningham. 

We finished the day on an epic night time confetti shot just to really show the weather who’s in charge! An incredible way to turn the disappointment of no confetti photograph into the excitement of something unique and extremely memorable. 

Chloe and Keiran were certainly not distracted by the rain on their big day, and so, their guests weren’t either. C & K, We hope your little family continues to enjoy so much happiness, whatever the weather! 

P.S. Remember…it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day! 

Caterer- B&R Dining

Evening Caterer- Nice N Toastie

Hire Equipment- BHS

Photographer- Georgia Rachael

Lighting and Drapes- Quirk Events

Make Up- Carly Hall

Suits- Asos

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