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Ellie & Olly - June '23

Who says you can’t plan a wedding from the other side of the world?!

Just before the announcement of the global pandemic, our university sweethearts decided to buy a one way ticket to Australia, pack up their belongings and quit their jobs, to go on a once in a lifetime adventure. Little did they know what the world had in store for us all, and as such, they had no choice but to overstay their welcome and make a life for themselves thousands of miles away from their friends and family. Now, Australia is called home and we welcomed a number of international guests to CHB especially for their big day!

Ellie and Olly visited us for the first time in 2021 where they made the decision to return to Norfolk and marry with us two years later. In between, we planned the majority of the wedding together via email and zoom with a couple of site visits thrown in for good measure when they returned to the UK here and there, to visit their loved ones. 

Ellie was a natural planner and surrounded herself with suppliers that she trusted , a recipe for success when not having her venue or suppliers at her fingertips in the same country. She took on board our advice, booked all the major suppliers in good time and then worked on the finer details as time allowed. 

Returning the week of the wedding, to allow for the jetlag to pass, Ellie and Olly made their last minute purchases in readiness for set up on the Friday. Sport mad, the couple went to town kitting out the rear lawn with an abundance of garden games ready for some fierce competition. With keen cricketers on the guest list, we went one step beyond for them and mowed a strip on the parkland beyond the cartshed especially for the boys’ cricket match. 

As a meticulous time keeper, it was no surprise when Ellie arrived early for the ceremony meaning that she walked down the aisle bang on time! Having a celebrant that is part of the family always makes a blessing so much more special and Lorraine, who has watched Olly grow up, was honoured to take on that special role.

Once married, as Ellie and Olly had hoped, guests fully embraced the garden games outside whilst enjoying a quintessentially British summer Pimms on the lawn alongside a delicious selection of canapes. 

Before long, it was time to head into the Woodshed where wine was drunk, a feast was shared and speeches were laughed at; the three ingredients needed to declare a jolly good day had been had by all! 

Photographer: Mark Nortcliffe

Caterer: B&R Dining

Equipment Hire: Banqueting Hire Service

Lighting and Drapes: Quirk Events

Suit: M&S

Photo Booth: Capture Lounge 

Evening Caterer: The Greek Way

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